Growing Up

from by The Summer Circuit



This song is about the fact that I've never seen a dad eat chicken nuggets before and I KNOW that I will still be eating chicken nuggets when I'm a dad. Basically that's a light way of saying that this adult life that I see all of my friends growing so easily into just isn't happening for me. I will always be young at heart, and I know that, but I can't help but feel a bit inferior because of it sometimes.


(Intro uses a sampled music box for the melody, electric piano for the harmony, and a modded Speak & Spell as a drum machine. There are also traditional drums that I chopped up a bit in there too.)

They ask me if I want a drink
And I respectfully decline
Cuz at 21 I haven't changed that much
Since back when I was nine
What makes me so much better
Yeah, what makes me so wise?
My arms and legs are longer now
But my heart is the exact same size

I refuse all these formalities
And I resist the common route
But I'm not swimming in self confidence
I'm drowning in my doubt
I'm guided by my instincts
And I'm sure of how I feel
But centuries of social norms
Make me doubt my false ideals

(Guitar solo and then strings, timpani and celesta join in later on)

My friends all seem so ready now
In their new world they're immersed
They're all going through the changes
But they all seem so rehearsed
I could fit into a designer suit
And wave my past goodbye
Yeah, I could do it all
But it all would be a lie


from One Giant Leap, released March 1, 2012



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The Summer Circuit Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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